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Solid Waste Management through recycling and composting. Waste Recycling, Mountain Solid Waste, Commercial Waste, Municipal Solid Waste Recycling etc.

World Waste Systems

Municipal Solid Waste Recycling

Municipal Solid Waste Management has become a global crisis that everyone is concerned about. Where do we put all the garbage and how do we continue to pay for the increasing costs of safely handling the mountain of solid waste generated everyday by everyone everywhere? World Waste Systems has the answer - recycle it through composting using a proven waste system! We created the first environmental component to the Olympic Games and our process is approved by the USEPA, Minnesota EPA, Georgia EPA and has been used internationally with great success. We recycle municipal solid waste through composting, vermiculture and high density vertical growing. Now you can go from waste to taste in as little as 60 days. Municipal Solid Waste is a strategic resource that should be used as a valuable feedstock for converting organics into energy, fertilizer and food.

Municipal Solid Waste Management Recycling

Municipal Solid Waste Composting | RecyclingWorld Waste Systems (formerly called MicroLife USA, Inc.) was created in response to the global need to process Municipal solid waste quickly and inexpensively to achieve recycling rates as high as 95%. World Waste Systems is unique because we employ a highly efficient, low tech, sorting system coupled with a high throughput compost system that produces a range of nutrient rich organic composts without creating offensive odors. Our composting technologies include Static Pile Composting, Vermiculture, Phytoremdediation and Containerized Systems.

World Waste Systems has developed a proven recycling process to eliminate your mountain of MSW garbage. Through accelerated composting and organic conversion, we convert municipal solid waste materials into saleable secondary by-products that support and promote sustainable development.

World Waste Systems designs, builds and manages municipal solid waste management recycling and composting waste systems (recycling facilities) that range in size from 50 tons per day to 2,000 tons per day and operate at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We specialize in recycling municipal solid waste, residential and commercial waste, industrial waste and agricultural wastes and making saleable secondary by-products from them utilizing technologies that compliment the natural assets and resources of where a facility is built.

World Waste Systems was created to fill the market need for a low cost, integrated recycling/compost disposal alternative to landfills and incinerators. World Waste Systems should be considered where there is a need. In most major cities each resident generates approximately 500 kilos of mixed household waste annually that currently goes to area landfills that is unsightly, unhealthy and expensive. Some of the garbage goes to an incinerator which destroys precious resources and pollutes our precious air. World Waste Systems offers a disposal option that is non-polluting, recovers valuable resources for reuse, creates new jobs and is environmentally safe.

World Waste System's range of services include facility design, construction and operation, waste management consulting, recyclables brokerage and compost distribution. World Waste Systems also offers its customers a wide variety of environmental services, ranging from problem analysis and site evaluation to transportation and disposal. For Municipal Solid Waste Management Recycling call World Waste Systems.

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Solid Waste Management through recycling and composting of Mountain Solid Waste, Municipal Solid Waste Recycling, Commercial Waste. A proven waste management & Waste Recycling system. A proven recycling process to eliminate your mountain of solid waste.


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