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You are what you eat

100% Organic Food 

Are you on chemicals?

Are you eating food that has been grown using chemicals? Everyday, virtually everywhere, the seeds of life start on inorganic chemicals designed to make your food look better. But is looking good really the most important thing to your health? The world is waking up to the fact that organically grown food is the best choice they can make for a better tomorrow not only for their lives but for their planet.

WWS manufactures 100% organic soil amendments designed to give the seeds of life the fighting chance seeds need to grow bigger, better tasting and healthier lives.

WWS manufactures the highest quality Vermicast. When expelled, worm casts consist of granules, surrounded by a mucus, which hardens upon exposure to air. When granular castings are mixed into garden or houseplant soils there is a slow "time release" of nutrients. However, the hardened particles of mucus do not readily break down. Instead, they serve to break up soils, providing aeration and improving drainage. Worm casts therefore provide an organic soil conditioner as well as a natural fertilizer.

Vermicast consists mostly of worm casts plus some decayed organic matter. In ideal conditions worms may consume their own weight of organic matter each day. One ton of worms may therefore process one ton of organic waste per day. Vermicast is organic, non-burning and rich in nutrients. Worm casts are suitable for a wide range of horticultural uses. Vermicast contains eight times as many microorganisms as their feed, which promotes healthy plant growth.

When compared with soil, worm casts also contain:

5 times more nitrogen;

7 times more phosphorus;

1.5 times the calcium;

11 times more potassium;

3 times more exchangeable magnesium.


The WWS process produces high-quality composts and fertilizers from the waste products of the food and agriculture industries. All by-products are sterilized using the WWS Processing System, which utilizes Microbial Thermogenesis technology to sterilize the resultant by-products of the WWS process by destroying all harmful parasites, pathogens, weeds and seeds. All of WWS's products are manufactured to the highest standards and meet all EPA requirements for trace element content. WWS's products are made from a variety of organic ingredients and are formulated to substantially improve soil fertility and promote vigorous, healthy plant and crop growth. WWS's products are high in nitrogen and trace elements, a very small percentage being water-soluble with a high percentage being in slow release form which allows plants and crops to absorb only the nutrients and trace elements they require thereby reducing fertilizer costs.

WWS 100% Organic Fertilizer is one of the nation's most advanced organic growing material and is specifically designed for use by growers and professional landscapers.

Worm Castings

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