Solid Waste Management

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Sorting Systems

Sorting Lines

This 12-man sorting system is  64' long x 42" wide 12-man picking table with twelve sorting chutes (six on each side), This standard infeed conveyor, emergency shut-offs on both sides, stairs, walkways, controls.  Excellent for C&D or MSW.  We can customize a sorting station of any size, including portable units.  All parts are new or completely refurbished.  Options available:  crossbelt magnets, steel-belted conveyors, trommel screens.


Screening Equipment

Trommel Screens

Widely used in metallurgy, building material, chemical, food, chemical industries of abrasive and granular materials sorting machine, also used to wash the material screening items

Trommel Features
1. Super powerful Screening ability, screened and washed widely and remarkable effects.
2. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and adjustment
3. Enclosed, small noisy, the good environment
4. No impact, small vibration, and long service life
5. Flexible Sieve ratios and the screened granularity can be adjusted casually in order to achieve the ideal match ratio




Conveyor is a general-purpose products using cotton canvas, nylon, polyester canvas and steel cord conveyor belt components for drag cited continuous conveyor equipment, can be widely used in electric power, coal, mining, iron and steel, building materials, chemicals, tobacco , environmental protection, food, light industry, oil and many other industries. Transport various bulk, block or integer goods with loose density 500-2500kg / m³.  With the features of great traffic and climbing ability, and Small noise, easy maintenance, good interchangeability of wearing parts etc, this kind of conveyor is good for the transport system automation control. And the working environment temperature is lower than 40 °C


Vibrating Screen

Circular Vibrating Screen

Our Circular Vibrating Screen adopts German technology, and is specially designed to sieve different sizes of aggregate. It is also applied in coal dressing, ore dressing, building material, electricity and chemical industries.

Features and Benefits

1. High vibrating force with unique eccentric structure. Adopt advanced construction, making the vibrating force powerful.
2. The beam and case of the screen are connected with high strength bolts without welding. 

3. Simple structure, easy to repair. 
4. Adopt tire coupling and soft connection makes operation smooth. 
5. High efficiency, easy maintenance, sturdy and durable.

Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors

Our screw conveyors are used extensively in sugar, cement, fertilizer, chemicals, food, agro chemicals and breweries. These machines comprise of screw inside the hollow pipe, contained within tube. It is turned with the help of a motor for delivering material from one end of the conveyor to the other.

Working Principle

The Conveyor Screw imparts a smooth positive motion to the material as it rotates within the trough.

Couplings and Shaft connect and transmit motion to the subsequent screw conveyors. Held in place by self-locking Tem-U-Lac bolts.

Horizontal Baler


This machine is used for packing all of the light and loose material, such as straw, pasture, waste paper,cotton, cloth,plastic, wool, and Recoverable Garbage and so on. It helps to reduce the volume, increase the density, it is convenient to transport and save. This machine is the good helper in multipurpose using and exploiting biomass energy.


  • Continuous Flow Reactors
  • Flow through design- Organic waste in on the top and finished Vermicompost out the bottom provide 95% worm
  • free. 90% of the worm population will be found in the top 4 inches of the worm bed. Harvesting begins 6-8 weeks after setup.
  • Year around use, 365 days a year.
  • Highly aerobic conditions are easily maintained
  • No loss of nutrients due to seepage into the ground.
  • No need to turn materials
  • After initial inoculation no further worm population will be needed. The population will propagate and maintain ample populations to process the organic feedstock.


Tire Shredder Tire Shredding


Size of material


Size of existing


Capacity of scrap rubber((t/h)





















the cutter is with high hardness, high wear, and can be repeated use and repair, so a longer service life.

Recycling Tires

Tire Bead Peeler

Productivity80-100 tires/hour

Motor Power:15KW

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H):1900×1055×1355mm


Municipal Solid Waste Grinder


Vertical compound crusher

Widely used in cement, building materials and artificial sand industry, limestone, river gravel, dolomite, slag, coal stone, refractories, etc., in the hardness of stone crushing operation. Especially suitable for artificial sand and the road surface broken by stone processing.

The crushing ratio, broken high moisture content, moisture content of the ideal material processing, the particle size can be adjusted, non-screen bar set, containing a large quantity of clay material will not plug into the body material can not be broken Automatic discharge will not cause equipment damage. The DC crushing equipment, high efficiency, unique structure, smooth operation, no noise, easy maintenance, you can easily open the doors of work replacement of wearing parts.

Pelletizing Equipment


Pelletizing Lines

The line is full automatic,includes hammer mill,rotary dryer,pellet mill,cooling system,screener,dust collecting system,computer-control center etc.

Of course we can design most suitable flow chart according to your real situation.


Packaging Equipment

Packaging Machines

Our Packaging products are mainly used for packing and conveying all kinds of materials such as powder, pellet in chemical industry, grain industry, feed industry, food industry, fertilizer industry, rubber industry, construction material industry, etc. And, of course, we supply not only the packing scales and conveyors, but also the whole resolutions according to your special demands.

Solar Power

Tour, nomads,  families, island, none or short of electricity area, Satellite Ground Stations, weather stations, forest fire stations, Border-guard Stations, etc.
Technical data

Capacity :  2000VA
Rate Output Power  :   1600W
Output wave  :   Pure sine wave
Output current   :  7.2A(220V)   /  14.5A(110V))
Precision of output voltage  :   ±3%
Precision of output frequency  :   ±0.1%
False output wave of AC  :   less than 3%
Power factor   :  0.8
Overload ability   :  120%, 30 seconds
Invert efficiency   :  More than 85%
Output voltage   :  AC110/220V
Output frequency   :  50HZ/60HZ
Maximum output power of Solar Module   :   900W
Maximum output voltage of solar module   :  157.5V
Maximum output current of solar module    : 5.7A
Battery capacity    : 108V100AH
Best output power everyday   :  2576WH

Atmospheric Water Generators

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Atmospheric water generating machine

  • Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 280cm

  • G.W: 2,000kg

  • Water making capacity: 1,000L/24H (depends on temperature humidity 27℃ 65%)

  • Power consumption:

    • Rated making water input: 30kW

    • Compressor input: 9.9kW x 2

  • Storage tank: 650L

  • Refrigerant: R22

  • Power supply: 380V/50Hz

  • Noise level: <79dB

  • Working temperature: 15 to 32

  • Ideal temperature: 24 to 29

  • Humidity: 40 to 95%

  • Ideal humidity: 70 to 80%

  • Filter system: RO filtration

  • Loading quantity:

    • 20-inch FCL: 2 units

    • 40-inch FCL: 4 units

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